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Many people, women in particular, make the terrible mistake of being too picky when it comes to dating and relationships.  They have unrealistic wish lists that were created when they were young and refuse to date anyone who doesn’t have all the characteristics on that old and unreasonable list.  Your friends might have noticed that you are too picky and your family members have already told you that things need to change if you want to want to find love in your lifetime.

Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we know how important it is to never settle for less than you deserve.  However, you must also understand that the perfect man doesn’t exist.  The perfect relationship like those in movies doesn’t exist.  If you are dreaming of a Hollywood relationship where Prince Charming comes and picks you up on a white horse, well, you’re being too picky.  Today our upscale New Jersey matchmakers will show you how being too picky on your dating journey can kill your chances of finding love.

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You Are Waiting For Mr. Perfect

We put that one first because it’s the most important one.  While we agree that you should never settle for less than you deserve, we are also realistic enough to know that Mr. Perfect only exists in the movies.  Many women make the terrible mistake of fantasizing about Hollywood movies and romantic comedies.  If you refuse to date outside your type, then you’re only hurting yourself.  You are hurting your chances by not giving people a chance.

Women also think that falling in love should happen instantly like it does in Hollywood movies and TV shows.  But the reality is that love takes time to develop, and it doesn’t happen instantly.  The movies don’t show you truth about dating and falling in love.

That version of perfection doesn’t exist so stop looking for Mr. Perfect.  You can have a wish list as long as your legs; however, because it’s excluding many potential partners, you’re only hurting yourself.  Your wish list isn’t helping you find love but actually hurting you.  It takes away perfect chances of meeting great men.  If you go into the dating scene with a list and won’t date outside of it, you are narrowing your chances of finding love.  Every time you add more to your list, you’re hindering your chances further—you’re pushing love further and further away.

You Compare Your Relationship to Others

It’s no secret that women talk about their relationships to their friends.  You probably moan and brag in equal measures.  Unfortunately, you might only remember all those wonderful things your friends tells you about their relationships and partners.  Then you start idolizing your friends’ relationships and seeing yours as less than perfect.  You start wishing you had a relationship like your friends and start hating yours.

Even though you love your best friend, the element of competition has creeped in.  Don’t make the mistake of comparing your relationship to those of your friends.  Remember that no relationship is alike, and that’s okay.  Your friend is only telling you all the good things about their relationship, excluding all the fights that happened behind closed doors.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Went Out On Date

When was the last time you went out on a date with a guy?  If you can’t remember, then you are being too picky with your love life.  Of course you shouldn’t agree to go out with anyone that ask you out.  But come on now, if it has been several months and you are not saying yes, that’s a sign you are being too picky.  Are you holding yourself back waiting for Mr. Perfect?  What did we already tell you about Mr. Perfect?  He doesn’t exist, so go ahead and say yes to that handsome looking guy you pass on the street every morning. Watch your love life take a turn for the better.

Your Friends Tell You All the Time

It’s true, we don’t always want to listen to our friends.  But they are your friends for a reason, right?  They see things you don’t see.  If your friends have been telling you that you’re just too picky when it comes to men, then our upscale New Jersey matchmakers encourage you to take a deeper look at yourself and your behaviors.  If your friends and family have told you to change your ways or you’ll be single forever, listen to them.  You need to have an open-mind about dating and stop taking it too seriously.

You Don’t Give Second Chances

Another sign you’re too picky with your love life is if you have a strict policy against giving men second chances.  The truth is that many men will mess up, especially when they’re nervous.  Don’t be too strict and unforgiving and miss your chances at love.  A lot of people are worthy of a second chance. Remember that no one is perfect.  If he did something wrong and is genuinely sorry about it, give him a second chance and let him prove himself to you.

If you are asking yourself if you are too picky, then chances are you already know the answer.  The answer is yes.  Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we don’t stand for settling for less than you deserve; however, finding love is about taking chances and stepping outside your comfort zone.  It’s about making the right choice that points you in the right direction.  Get out and have fun. Try a new way of dating and explore your options.  Are you fed up with dates from bars and clubs?  Are you tired of nights and weekends alone?  Then it’s time to try a professional matchmaking service.  Our upscale New Jersey matchmakers can introduce you to quality men who are serious about love just like you.  Fill out the simple survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation to get started today!


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