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Flirting is an important part of dating.  No matter where you meet your partner, you’re bound to flirt with each other.  But do you know how to flirt?  Do you know how to tell when a man is flirting with you?  Today, our dating and relationship experts at South Jersey Matchmakers will teach you how to determine his intentions.

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Is He Flirting with You?

Single men in New Jersey can be hard to read, and when it comes to flirting, this makes it very difficult for a woman to determine his true intentions.  Men are not as affectionate and open as woman.  After all, women are good with facial expressions and it’s those facial expressions that give them away.  But here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we know men are a little more reserved with their expressions and emotions.  So how do you know if he’s flirting?  Don’t worry, our dating experts have compiled a list of the ways men flirt.  Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be on your way to figuring out his intentions.

1. He Leans Towards You

Most people will simply face in your direction when talking, but if a man is really flirting with you, then he’ll lean in towards you when he talking. 

2. He Maintains Eye Contact

Men who want to get to know you more and are interested in you will maintain eye contact throughout the conversation.  If he’s into you, you’ll notice he’s holding that gaze just a bit longer.

3. He Brushes Up Against You

A man will use any excuse to touch you if he likes you.  Bear in mind, though, you should not allow any man to touch you offensively.  If you’re talking to a gentleman who touches you lightly and you’re okay with it, let it flow.  But if you’re at a bar and someone touches you inappropriately, put them in their place.

4. He Asks You Questions

If you’re talking to a man who is giving you his undivided attention and seems to be interested in finding out more about you, then he is into you.  He’s asking probing questions to show you he cares.  He’s also collecting information to plan future plans together.

5. He Tells You Things About Himself

Aside from asking you questions, he’ll also tell you about himself and his achievements.  He will not do this in a bragging way but rather casually mention it in conversation.  After all, he wants you to be impressed and show you that he is a good candidate for a relationship.

6. He Asks You If You’re Dating

Well, this one doesn’t need an explanation.

7. He Makes You Laugh

A lot of men out there know how to make a woman laugh, especially if they’re into her.  He might crack a joke or mention something funny just to see you smile.

8. He Gives You a Genuine Compliment

The compliment he gives you will not be based on your looks.  Well, it might be, but when a man is really into you, his compliment will have substance.  It could be something about your career, your work ethics, or how kind or intelligent you are. 

9. He Uses Your Name

There is just something about familiarity that makes us feel good inside, so he’ll start by using your name.  When a man uses your name frequently, it means he’s trying to create a bond with you.

10. He Gets Close to You

This one is a given.  When a man is flirting with a woman, he’ll get close to her, almost like he’s marking his territory.  But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Getting close to you means he likes what he sees and wants to be up close and personal to strike a connection with you.

11. He Tries to Keep the Conversation Going

Men are not always so good when it comes to conversation, at least not as good as women are.  But if a man is flirting with you, he’ll do his best to keep the conversation going.  You’ll notice he may be a bit nervous but still tries his best.  He might ask you questions about where you grew up, what you do for a living, and what you do in your spare time. 

12. Showing Off a Bit

Don’t mistake this for a pickup artist. This is different.  If he’s trying to get your attention, then he’s going to be showing you his best features.  Whether it means puffing out his chest, sticking his chin up, or showing off his buff arms, he’ll do something to impress you and grab your interest.  This all goes back to a man’s primal instincts.  This is a way for him to show you that he is the man.

13. Look for other Cues

Men are not always aware of their actions when they’re flirting; some become very nervous when they like a woman that they start fidgeting with their hands or objects such as silverware.  Keep an eye out for these types of things when he is in your presence. 

Men are not as good at flirting like women are.  As much as they like to flirt, they’re somewhat goofy and too nervous to do it right.  But now that you know the most common ways they flirt, you’ll have the upper hand in the dating world.  If you still can’t tell whether or not he is flirting with you, then you need do a little fishing.  Sometimes, being a little straightforward in the dating world is the best way to get to the bottom of a man’s true intentions.

If you are having a hard time meeting single men in New Jersey, contact our dating and relationship experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers today so we can get to know you and what you’re looking for in a partner.  We can introduce you to quality single men who fit your specific criteria.  Let us do the hard part of scouting and screening so you can sit back and enjoy dating for what it’s meant to be!

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