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Multi-dating is very popular in the Jersey dating scene.  Social media allows people to easily stay in touch with friends and all the latest, but many of these websites can also be used for dating.  And let’s not forget about popular online dating sites and mobile dating apps.  If a guy has no plans on a Friday night, all he needs to do is log in, make a profile, and quickly look for someone local who is willing to meet up.  It’s no wonder so many single men in New Jersey like to stay single and are hesitant to settle down.

It seems like more and more men today prefer non-committed relationships, meaning they like to keep their options open and see what’s out there in the NJ dating scene.

If you are not a fan of this, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many women in New Jersey also hate this dating phenomenon.  So how can you know if the man you’re dating is keeping his options open?  What are some of the signs you need to keep an eye for?  Today, our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you the telltale signs you’re not the only woman in his life.

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1. He Disappears on You A Lot

If a man was really into you, and only you, he would be in constant communication with you.  Every morning when he wakes up, the first thing he would do is send you a text message.  Throughout the day, he would send you messages and keep you updated on what he’s doing and ask about your day.  At the end of the night, he would send you a goodnight text message.  Why?  Because he thinks about you all day long.  However, when you’re dating a man who is dating multiple women, he will disappear on you a lot, usually without a solid explanation.

Men disappear when something better comes along or because they have other options.  The guy who isn’t keeping his options open has no reason to disappear.  So if the man you’re seeing disappears on you, then you know you’re not the only woman in the picture.

2. He Cancels A Lot

Let’s face it, we know that life can be unpredictable.  Unexpected things happen all the time, and dates get canceled once in a while.  But if your new love interest is cancelling dates over and over again, that is definitely a sign he is keeping his options open.

Men who have other women lined up will frequently cancel dates when something better pops up.  So while you’re planning your outfit, doing your makeup, and curling your hair for a romantic night for two, he is at home in his bachelor pad thinking of what lame excuse he is going to give you tonight because he wants to go out with the hottie he met last weekend.

As professional matchmakers, we don’t want you to take this personally; instead, let him go and pursue the other women and show him that your time is valuable.  But more importantly, you need to show him that you won’t put up with a man who is keeping his options open.  It’s his loss, not yours.

3. He Doesn’t Care About Your Needs

A man who is looking for a committed relationship will want to make the person they’re interested in feel cared for and valued.  When things do go to the bedroom, he will find out the things you like and don’t like.  Exploring and learning about you will be his number one priority.  However, if a man is keeping his options open, he won’t care about your wants and needs.

Fun in the sheets that’s over within minutes and leaves you feeling unsatisfied is not a good sign.  Why?  Because he’s only interested in pleasuring himself.  If the new man you’re seeing is unwilling to take care of your needs, that’s a sign he doesn’t take the relationship seriously.  It’s also a sign that you might be one of many women he’s seeing.

4. He Doesn’t Share

When it comes to a healthy relationship, opening up to each other is very important, as it allows you to bond and learn more about each other.  Relationships will only flourish when both partners bring their guards down and reveal everything to one another.  He should have shared his flaws, insecurities, hopes, dreams, and fears with you.  If you have been dating him for a while and feel like you don’t know him, something is wrong.

If a man is keeping his options open and isn’t really interested in you, he’s never going to share a thing with you.  If you have tried everything to get him to open up and have failed, he’s holding back for a reason.  He clearly isn’t ready to be emotionally attached to a woman.

5. He Has A Lot of Female Friends

The type of man who keeps his options open will claim he has a lot of female friends.  Oh, that woman in his picture on his Facebook wall, she’s just a friend.  The woman who keeps texting him all hours of the day, she’s just a friend.  The woman who likes all his pictures on Facebook and Instagram, she’s just a friend, too.  The woman who join him for a Saturday morning, she’s just a friend.  To him, it’s no big deal because he says they’re all friends.  But you know that’s not the case.

You can’t hold anything against a man who has female friends, but if it seems like there are a lot of female friends popping up out of nowhere, then chances are they’re not really friends.  He is probably keeping these women in his dating rotation.

How many of these signs do you notice in the man you’re dating?  Do you think he’s keeping his options open?  Share your comments on our Facebook page.

If the man you’re seeing is keeping his options open, then you need to kick him to the curb.  You deserve someone who makes you a priority in his life.  You deserve a man who values your relationship and doesn’t date other women at the same time he’s dating you.  If you want to meet relationship-minded men in NJ, contact our matchmakers today.  Fill out the survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with South Jersey’s leading dating service, South Jersey Matchmakers, today!

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