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Confrontation isn’t anyone’s favorite thing. There are many people who would rather keep it to themselves over saying anything. Your man might be one of those people. If he’s unhappy, he might not tell you that he’s unhappy. The only way to figure out what’s going on with your guy lately is to know the signs he’s unhappy and getting ready to break up with you.

This is actually easier than you think because guys aren’t that good at hiding their true intentions. When it comes to something as drastic as breaking up, it will be written all over their faces and in their actions. You just have to know what to look for. And that’s what we’re going to help you do today.

If your relationship feels off and you can’t figure out why, it might be because he’s getting ready to bail. Let our South Jersey Matchmakers show you the definite signs he wants to break up with you.

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1. Things have been rocky.

Your relationship has been down lately. Knowing this, it’s only realistic to assume that someone isn’t happy. Some relationships will go through murky waters and come out on top. But if your man is showing a lot of these signs, along with your relationship being down and out lately, then he might want to end things soon.

2. He spends more time by himself.

If your man is thinking about ending the relationship with you, he’s not going to want to spend time with you. He’ll devote more time to work or hang out with his friends. If your boyfriend is avoiding you, then you know something is up.

3. The affection has faded.

When was the last time your boyfriend did something nice for you, like got you roses or took you out on a romantic date? If you can’t think back to the last cute thing he said or did for you, then you know he’s getting ready to break up with you.

4. You don’t talk anymore.

And no, this is more than “How was your day?” We’re talking about deep conversations about each other’s lives—the ones you sit down for hours and hours without looking at the clock. When those conversations disappear, your relationship is in trouble.

5. He’s never in a good mood.

It’s not that your boyfriend is cranky in general, but he’s cranky when he’s around you. He might come home happy and playful, but as soon as you engage him in conversation he becomes angry and shuts down. If he’s acting angry towards you, then he might be ready to break up with you.

6. He picks arguments.

He’s picking arguments with you in hopes that you break up with him. He might make remarks under his breath or bring up old issues just to start an argument. The point here is, if he’s upset and bringing up random things just to argue, he’s looking for a way out.

It might be a hard pill to swallow when you realize your boyfriend is exhibiting signs he’s about to break up with you, but it’s better to know rather than get blindsided with the bad news. If you notice a few of these signs, you need to confront him right away and get it over with. After all, there’s no point in dragging things out.

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