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You just started dating this guy and everything seems to be going great.  But can you trust him?  Is he reliable?  How can you know you can trust him with all your heart?  Today, our South Jersey dating service will show you the signs to look out for when making such an important decision in your romantic life.

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1. He Gives You His Time

One of the first signs you can trust a man is when he gives you his time and makes an effort to be with you.  This isn’t to say you can’t date someone who has a busy schedule, but the man you’re dating should make you a priority.  It’s one thing having a job that takes up most of your time, an active social life, and a strict workout schedule, but it’s another to put everything before you all the time.  If he gives you his attention and puts you as one of his top priorities, then chances are he cares about you, which means you can trust him, and this is huge when it comes to dating.

2. He Is Honest

It’s no secret that everyone tells a little lie here and there, especially during the early stages of a relationship when we’re trying to put our best foot forward.  If the man you’re dating is constantly trying to deceive you, then he obviously doesn’t respect you.  Some people don’t like sharing all their life details, and that’s a different story.  But if he tells you the truth and is always honest with you, then he is a good man.

3. He Shares Intimate Details about Himself

Some men are very comfortable sharing details about their lives, while others wait until the relationship gets serious.  If he shares things about himself, like personal things he doesn’t share with anyone else, then he is obviously making himself vulnerable with you.  This is important because he’s giving you his heart, which means you can give him yours.  Men are not likely to open up with a woman they don’t see a future with, so it’s clear he plans on something serious with you.

4. He Shows You Different Aspects of His Life

If he wants to be with you in the long term, he’s going to bring you into life, which means introducing you to those he is close to, like friends and family.  This gives him an opportunity to let you get to know those people he loves the most.  Men who aren’t serious about a relationship, those you cannot trust, won’t bring you into their lives.

5. He Reliable

If you’re looking for a serious life partner, you need to feel confident they’ll always be there for you.  Many men nowadays aren’t ready for commitment, which is clear when they’re unreliable.  If the man you’re dating is there for you when you need him, then you are obviously important to him.  If he’s willing to endure hard times with you, then you can give him your whole heart.

6. He Goes the Extra Mile to Make You Happy

If this man is serious about you, he will go out of his way to make you happy.  Whether that means taking you to your favorite restaurant or surprising you at the office with a dozen roses, he will do things to put a smile on your face and always goes the extra mile. 

7. He’ll Talk Nicely About You to Others

If the two of you have mutual friends, he will speak well about you to them.  He is clearly proud to have you as a girlfriend and doesn’t mind the world knowing.  This guy actually wants the world to know how wonderful of woman you are, unlike untrustworthy men never speak about a woman.  If the man you’re dating parades you around and tells the world how great you are, then you can feel confident giving him your heart.

8. He Talks About Everything

Relationships are all about ups and downs and being there through it all.  If you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll be able to talk about everything and fix the problems.  If he can talk about anything and come up with solutions to disagreements, then is the right man for you and you can definitely trust him.  Men aren’t that good with emotions and have a hard time opening up.  If the man you’re dating opens up to you and is able to express himself, then he is clearly serious about you. 

9. You’ve Known Him for a While

Some people out there feel like they can give their heart away to a man they just met, but our South Jersey dating experts don’t believe in that scenario when it comes to love.  It takes a lot of time to open your heart to someone; it takes time to develop a connection to find out if that person is trustworthy.  You shouldn’t open your heart up to them in a week or two of dating.  You need to wait until you know they have a good heart and honest intentions before giving your heart away.  If you’ve known this guy for a while and know he’s a good guy in general, then go ahead and trust him. 

10. He Is Ambitious

A man who is ambitious and has determination is a man you can trust.  You can surely trust him if he is willing to work hard for something and achieve it, especially when it comes to you.  If he is a hard working person, someone who is reliable, then you can trust him. 

So tell us, how many of these signs did you see in the guy you’re dating?  If you don’t see many, then he might not be worthy of your time and heart.  If you are having a hard time meeting trustworthy men on your own, contact our South Jersey dating service today and let our expert matchmakers introduce you to relationship-ready men who are a good match for you!

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