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Okay, you’re tired of conventional dates and are looking to spend some quality time at home with your partner; you’re looking for great at home date ideas but can’t think of anything yourself. After you’re done reading this article, our New Jersey dating service will have given you plenty of at home date ideas to try with your partner this winter. Let’s get started so you can plan a romantic weekend with your partner!

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Stay at Home Date Ideas: Romantic, Affordable, and Most Importantly, Cozy

Everyone knows that date ideas at home are a comfy way to spend time with your significant other. If you are the one planning an at home date idea, you need to keep all the necessities in mind, which includes your phones being disconnected, a clean house, and a cozy setting. Once you do that, we’re almost certain you’ll have a wonderful time together. Once you read these eight romantic date ideas from our New Jersey dating service, we’re almost positive that the last thing you’ll want to do this weekend is venture out into the cold winter weather.

During the cold winter months in New Jersey, the last thing you want to do is bundle up to bear the cold of walking up to a restaurant or a movie theater. We know, we hate the winter too. And even though you can’t stay barricaded at home all winter, once in a while it’s okay to enjoy a cozy night or a lazy day with your partner. Whether you’re tired of facing the bitter weather, trying to save on entertainment expenses, or just feeling like a cozy night in, our New Jersey dating service encourages you to try out these fabulous at home date ideas.

Your shoes might be made for walking, but slippers are more comfy and cozy. On cold winter nights, try a few of our great at home date ideas with your partner. We know you’ll love them!

Whether you are starting to see someone new or they’ve been your boyfriend or girlfriend for some time now, you’ll have a great time with the following date ideas our professional matchmakers have put together for you.

1. Have a Candlelight Dinner

Give your beautiful (or handsome) date an extravagant dinner they’ll always remember. Have the house nicely set up with candles, soft music in the background, and a nice bottle of their favorite wine or champagne. Make some mouthwatering pork chops and a delicious chocolate dessert and just enjoy the amazing food and relaxed time with your date.

2. Create a Playlist

Ugh, remember the old days when we used to make mixed tapes of our favorite songs? Well, those days are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a playlist. Instead of purchasing a blank CD, you can use your cell phone, an iPhone, or iPad to create a playlist of your choice.

Make a playlist of your date’s favorite songs, romantic songs, or songs that hold a special meaning to you both, then play them while enjoying some quality time together at home.

Alternatively, gift it to them so they can play it in the car, at work, or at the gym. And when they hear the music, you can be sure they’ll think of you.

3. Play Board Games

Invite a handful of couples over to your house and have a fun and friendly competition. Prepare snacks, have some drinks, and get some Uno or another fun game going on. Have a small tournament between the couples until the best team wins. This is a night full of fun and laughs for everyone.

4. Prepare Cocktails

Have a crash course with your date and prepare cocktails from scratch. Long island iced teas, gin and tonics, or white Russians are just a few drinks to choose from. Grab some equipment for bartending while out you’re shopping. Remember, you’ll need the basics—a strainer, a shaker, ice-cubes, and glasses. And don’t forget to grab the ingredients you will need to prepare your cocktail of choice.

Pick each other’s most preferred drink and prepare it for one another. Not only will you enjoy the time you spend preparing the drinks, but you can sit back and enjoy on the couch or in front of the cozy fireplace.

5. Watch a Movie Together

Now, we’re not just talking about any old boring movie date here; we want you to create a fun theme night around your movie of choice. How does an Italian classic like Casino sound? Make your Italian night include a nice bottle of wine, homemade pizzas or pastas, and all the Italian snacks or desserts you can imagine.

Also, you might want to take it up a notch and invite other couples too. Have a Mexican theme night where you decorate the house accordingly and everyone brings a Mexican dish to share. The ideas are endless… Margaritas, anyone?

6. Board Games Don’t Have to Be Boring

Do you remember Scrabble, Monopoly, or Twister? Of course you do, and it’s time to dust them off and bring them back out. Prepare some hot cocoa and have a fun night together.

For this night you don’t want to invite anyone, just you and your lover playing some classic board games together. Winner gets a reward (a massage, a foot rub, or extra cuddling time since it is winter).

7. Cook Together

Go ahead and get down in the kitchen. Try to make some goodies from scratch. Look for something neither of you have never cooked before; after all, there is nothing more romantic than exploring a new cuisine or dish together.
Maybe the two of you could try making your own sushi, mini burgers, or even try a fun and romantic seafood night. Also, if one of you has a sweet tooth, baking a sheet of cookies or a cake could be extra sweet.

8. The Night of Chocolate

Chocolate is known for being romantic, so why not make a chocolate tasting night for two? Get unique types of chocolates and enjoy them together. If you really want to kick up the fun and romance, try a fondue night.

Now that you have a list of some fun, affordable, and romantic at home date ideas to try, we know you’ll be trying them out for the next few weeks, especially since the weather is still bitter and cold. So cuddle up and get cozy this weekend!

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