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Almost relationships are the absolute worse. You’re practically right there, and yet you’re not really in a relationship. It’s practically within your grasp, but then it’s dangled in front you… but so far away from you. And it moves away every time you try to reach it. It’s a lot like being a puppy who is kept on a leash.

You are given the illusion that you are being tagged along for the ride, but you can only go so far. You’re just a follower in this scenario, and you’re never really going to be able to get what you truly desire – a loving relationship. It happens to a lot of people. There are just so many men out there who are afraid of commitment.

There are too many men who are just so afraid of commitment that it’s ridiculous. A lot of them are so obsessed with keeping things casual and low key, and the reason for that is because the moment anything real or heavy comes into the picture, they get scared and run away. They don’t know how to handle real commitment and are afraid of getting into a meaningful relationship.

Today, our New Jersey matchmaking service is going to show you the signs he doesn’t want to commit to you. You are in an almost relationship that will never turn into a real one, so save yourself the time and heartache and walk away.

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1. He doesn’t want to put a label on the relationship.

If he doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend after you’ve been together for several months, then he’s probably never going to call you his girlfriend. He probably doesn’t have any plans of committing to you.

2. He doesn’t acknowledge you on social media.

He doesn’t want to make it known to everyone on his social media accounts that he’s taken. He still wants to keep his options open and let everyone know he’s on the market, and that’s why he’s not making your relationship official.

3. He flirts with other women.

He’s still trying to keep his options open. He doesn’t want to commit to you because he’s unsure about being with you for the long haul. If your guy is still talking to and flirting with other women, then you know he’s not ready to commit.

4. He doesn’t want to meet your friends and family.

He doesn’t want to be a part of your social circle just yet. He isn’t serious about integrating his life with yours. This is because he doesn’t see himself in a relationship with you. If a guy were into you and ready for something serious, he would want to introduce you to his friends and family. He would want to make you a part of his life.

5. He doesn’t open up to you about his feelings.

He doesn’t want to show you who he really is on the inside. He doesn’t want you to see how he really feels. Whether it’s because he knows you won’t like the man he really is or because he’s not ready to make himself vulnerable and risk getting hurt, it’s not a good sign for you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who are afraid of commitment today. If you spot these red flags with the guy you’re currently dating, save yourself the time and heartache and walk away today.

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