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In today’s modern dating scene, commitment may seem as rare as a unicorn.  These days, many men don’t believe in commitment, nor do they want long-term relationships.  Nowadays, exclusivity is rare; in fact, many men prefer to date a lot of women at the same time rather than committing to just one.  And our experienced New Jersey matchmakers know this leaves commitment-minded women wondering how they can change this scenario.

You might have found a man who likes spending time with you, spoils you, and even makes you feel like he loves you.  When you’re with him, you feel sparks flying and know that dating him is better than dating any other man.  However, you are missing something very important: you’re missing commitment.

One of the biggest differences between men and women is that women tend to bond sooner than men, which results in women craving commitment before guys do.  Have you reached this point?  Are you looking to get him to commit?  If he thinks he has found the one, he will certainly commit.  But finding the one means finding true love, loyalty, and respect.  Without these things, he will not commit.

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New Jersey Matchmakers Help You Get Him to Commit

There are men out there who will not commit to you, no matter what you do.  But don’t worry, because these men clearly don’t deserve you.  On the other hand, if you have a guy in your sights who is great, and you know just needs a little push in the right direction, let our New Jersey matchmakers show you what you can do to abolish his fear of commitment.

1. Never Force Him

This is by far the biggest mistake women make.  You cannot play tricks or force a man to commit to you.  Do not badger him into commitment because it will not work.  If you try to force him to commit to you and he’s not ready, he’s going to go running in the opposite direction.

The trick is to work your magic slowly without putting pressure on him.  Do not set him down and have the exclusivity talk too soon because this will also push him away.

2. Master the Art of Waiting

Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we don’t believe in playing games; we know they don’t work.  However, what you can do is master the art of waiting.  You certainly don’t want to give it up on the first date, nor do you want to act like you’re too interested in him.  At the end of the day, remember one thing: men love the chase and don’t want a woman who is too easy.  If you sleep with him after the second date, he’s going to think you do the same thing with other men and lose interest in you.

3. Make Friends with His Family

If you’re lucky enough to be introduced to his family, then this is your chance to get him to commit.  His family is the most important thing in his life, and if he is introducing you to them, then you already have points in your favor.  Now it’s just a matter of taking matters into your own hands and making sure his family likes you.  If you get the approval of his family, and they see you as a great potential girlfriend, they are going to encourage him to date you.

4. Let Him Do the Chasing

Going back to what we were talking about a little while ago, you want to let him do the chasing.  Although you might feel tempted to bombard him with text messages or date invitations, don’t do it.  Perhaps the most important thing you must remember from this article is to let him chase you.  Don’t be afraid to play a little hard to get and let him miss you.  This will make him realize that he is not in control of you, which will make him put extra efforts into getting you.

5. Be Your Own Person

Men are highly attracted to independent and confident women who don’t need a man.  You need to have your own life, your own group of friends, your own hobbies and interests and make it a point to show him that you enjoy having these things in your life.

Don’t make him feel like he’ll be the center of your world; otherwise, he’s going to fear being suffocated.  Instead, our New Jersey matchmakers want you to show him that you have your own life, that you spend time with friends, that you devote time to your career, and that you have plenty of great things going on in your life.

6. Be Sure to Create Trust

Another great way of getting a man to commit to you is by creating trust.  Trust is the foundation to a successful relationship, so if you want him to commit, you need to get him to trust you.  It is important to establish trust between each other; after all, when you trust each other, you enter a more serious phase in your relationship.

7. Make It Feel Like It’s a Privilege to Date You

Remember that you are worthy of a happy relationship, and you’re worthy of a man who respects you.  A man will not fall for a woman who doesn’t know her value or see herself as worthy.  In order to get him to commit to you, you need to show him that you’re worthy of the chase.  Show him that you’re a woman of values and ethics and that it will be an honor for him to date you.  This will make him pursue you and crave a relationship with you.

You don’t have to play games to get a man to commit to you.  It all boils down to showing him you’re a great catch and that it would be a big mistake to let you go.

Are you ready to meet men who aren’t afraid of commitment?  Fill out the simple form at the top of the page and let our New Jersey matchmakers start introducing you to them today!

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