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When it comes to dating, a lot of people make a big fuss about age-gaps in relationships, looks, and income, when in reality, our New Jersey elite matchmakers know they should really be focusing on more important things (values and personalities).

Today, we’ll throw out all the stale ways of thinking about traditional relationships and take a look at age-gap relationships. Successful relationships that last the test of time are founded on good connections that are built beyond a few years age difference, the color of hair, or the amount of money someone makes. So does an age-gap really make a difference in the success or quality of a relationship? Find out today as our New Jersey elite matchmakers reveal our knowledge from over twenty-five years in the dating and matchmaking industry.

First off, just as thinking in terms of income or height can greatly narrow down your dating options, thinking in terms of age can hurt your possibilities of finding love. Today, we’ll throw away the old stigma about age-gaps in relationships and show you how much fun they can be if both of you are willing to put in the efforts it takes.


Is Age Really Important?

Okay, so let’s not go over the top with this one, but a reasonable age-gap should be about ten years or so. That type of age-gap can work. It is easy for a younger woman to date an older man. Why? Simply because women mature at a younger age. Sure, it can work the other way around too. If you’re considering dating someone who is younger or older than you, you must take some time to get to know them first.

You might not be able to stand how hyper, moody, and unreliable your younger partner might be, or you might not be able to put up with how serious and regimented your older partner is. These are all things that must be taken into consideration; however, this is more about a person rather than their age. For the most part, people are who they are.

Many people worry about having a family if one partner is older, but if you’re past the childbearing age, you can always opt for adoption. Today is all about being open-minded and not letting society dictate what we do in our relationships. Many people today don’t think about the deeper questions when they look for a partner. Many people only care if they have a good job or look good.

Well, if you want a successful relationship that will fill your heart, our New Jersey elite matchmakers know you must look for things that you have in common, such as values and life goals. If you can find that, you will have a successful relationship. Of course there is always physical attraction, but that comes with how the person’s energy mixes with yours.

What to Consider Dating in a Different Age Group

No matter what, a man of any age must be respectful of you. He must have a sense of humor and be loyal. And let’s not forget that you want him to have strong work ethics. He should also be able to communicate his feelings with you and not keep anything bottled in.

If he is respectful of your time, feelings, and goals, you can consider him as a dating option. Don’t just judge a man based on his outside appearances. If he catches your interest, then see where things can go. You might find that a good looking, hardworking, loyal man that is a few years older or younger than you might be relationship worthy for you.

Don’t be naive in thinking that only younger men have no clue about what they want in life because there are plenty of older men who are unsure too. Be sure to communicate with them about these types of things. If you are a settled type of person and they are unsettled, it will not be a good relationship.

In order to protect your own feelings, our New Jersey elite matchmakers encourage you not to move the relationship along too quickly.

What Your Family Will Think

Your family might freak out depending on how traditional they are. If they say hurtful things to you, take them with a grain of salt. Your family loves you, and of course their job is to protect you.

If you are deeply in love with this person and you fully trust them, you can let your family know this. If your friends and family get under your skin and make you feel uncomfortable about dating someone older or younger, it might be because you have not spent too much time with your partner; otherwise, it would not bother you.

If you are a truly confident person, you will have no problem defending your partner, regardless of their age. Just as you would defend someone with tattoos, you can defend someone from a different age group. However, when dating from a different age group, there will come backlash. It is your job to be prepared.

What Really Matters Here

What really matters is that you and your partner are comfortable with each other. You should trust them, be confident that they have your back, and know that they respect you. If they make you feel bad about being older or younger than them, then that’s not a good sign. In order for a relationship of any age to work, our New Jersey elite matchmakers know that goals and interests must be aligned. If you both see your life going in the same direction, then, yes, your relationship is set for success.

Overcoming the Differences

In any relationship there are bound to be differences, although you might need to compromise a little more in an age-gap relationship. You might actually have an opportunity to compromise in a healthy way, and you may develop the skill of communicating better. We advise you to talk things out as they arise. If you feel like you’re getting hurt or you’re wondering why they do something, just bring it up without passing judgement. You can grow a lot in an age-gap relationship, just make sure the other person is always working with you to make things successful.

Well, we hope this article helped you out. We wish you the best. Age-gap relationships don’t have to be difficult to manage, you just have to be sure that’s what you want and that you’re both willing to work to overcome any differences you might have.

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