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The problem with relationships, especially new ones, is that everyone is on their best behavior. Rarely will you see someone show their true colors during the early stages of a relationship.

Everything is fun, exciting, and full of butterflies in the beginning. But what happens when the person you’re dating reveals different traits and characteristics than they did during the early stages of the relationship?

To help you figure out if the man you’re dating is really Prince Charming, our New Jersey dating service will show you the top qualities to look for; after all, we don’t want you dating a wolf in disguise. From our nearly three decades of experience in the New Jersey dating scene, we’ve come to master dating, relationships, and everything involved in the confusing thing we call love.

Think of it like this, little habits you don’t think anything of could really help you dig deeper into his character. Being excessively groomed could mean he has an obsessive compulsive personality. And working long hours, especially if not mandatory, could indicate that he’s a workaholic, which could mean you may come second down the road. You see that, see what we mean? Let’s not beat around the busy, get ready to find out where you man stands, as our New Jersey dating service reviews the qualities that truly matter in a long term relationship.

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1. He has good family ties.

A relationship-worthy man will have good family ties. He will keep in touch with his parents, siblings, and children, if he has them. And better yet, a good man will not be afraid of having you meet his family.

2. He is all ears for you.

A good man will be a good listener, and listening is more than hearing. He will know when to listen to you, when to talk, and when to give you advice. Believe us, his good listening skills will show you if he is genuinely interested in you. If he doesn’t respect you or what you have to say, look elsewhere.

3. He’ll be a gentleman.

A good man will be a gentleman. He will always be aware of your needs and desires. He will never raise his voice with you or make you feel intimidated. He will open the car door for you and always let you order first. A relationship-worthy guy will always be chivalrous.

4. He will be your hero.

A good man will be your guardian, the one making you feel safe and secure. He will always be by your side no matter what. He will be the lion protecting you when you need him.

5. He’ll have deep pockets.

A good man is a generous one, and we’re not just talking about with you. Generosity is one of the top traits of a quality man. He understands the power of money, he works hard to get it, and he genuinely likes to help those in need.

6. He will have manners.

A good man will always be polite, he will respect both sexes, and his words will always match his actions.

7. He will take care of his appearance.

A good man will be well-groomed and take care of himself and his appearance. This isn’t to say that he must spend an hour in the mirror, but he does know how to make a good impression. He pays attention to detail but doesn’t take it to the extreme.

8. He is ethical.

A good man will have integrity. While other men might feel tempted to bend the rules, a good man knows the rules and doesn’t break them. A good man will have morals, which he’ll always display.

9. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

A good man will wear his heart on his sleeve. He will have no problem telling you how he feels or sharing his emotions with you.

10. He will have a good social circle.

A good man has a good social circle of friends, which reflects on the type of person he is. He will never give his time to a fool or others who represent him in a bad way.

11. He’ll be cultural.

A good man is a very cultured. He doesn’t follow the latest trends but rather wants to learn things from around the world and improve his knowledge and life.

12. He takes care of his body.

A good man takes care of himself because he knows his body represents who he is. He works out regularly, eats healthy, gets plenty of sleep, and doesn’t consume too much alcohol or other harmful substances.

13. He practices self-control.

A good man will practice self-control. He can go out and have fun but he doesn’t because he knows the consequences of the next day. At the end of the day, he practices self-control and keeps everything to a minimum.

14. He goes with the flow.

A good man knows how to keep a conversation flowing. He will keep the conversation on the right path by talking about interesting topics. And more importantly, he’ll let you talk without interrupting.

15. He is faithful.

If you’re dating a good man, he’ll be faithful to you. With him, you never have to worry about what he’s up to behind your back. He has no time for another woman because you are his everything.

16. He is a hard worker.

A good man knows how to work hard and does it without complaining. He is mature and has no problem putting in the efforts and dedication needed to move up the career ladder.

17. He has an eye for the future.

A good man has future goals, and he’s constantly working hard to achieve those goals.

18. He is always there to cheer you up.

A good man knows how to help you when you’re having a bad day. He brings a smile to your face during those rainy days and is always by your side.

19. He is trustworthy.

A good man is one you can trust. With him, you know you’re in good hands.

20. He encourages you.

A good man will always encourage you to pursue your goals. He will listen to your dreams and desires and encourage you to follow them.

So tell us, ladies, how many of these qualities do you see in the man you’re dating now? If you don’t see many, then you need to move on and find someone else. If you’re having a hard time meeting relationship-worthy single men in New Jersey, contact our New Jersey dating service so our expert matchmakers can help you on your search.

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