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It happens to everyone. You meet a guy at the bar, the gym, at work, through a friend, or on Tinder. At first, he’s handsome, charming, and sweet. The conversation is interesting and you start to fall for him. But the more you get to know him, the more you realize he’s not who you thought he was. He says something rude or disrespectful, and BOOM! Just as quickly as you became interested in him you became uninterested. Why? Because he did or said something that showed you his true colors—ugly colors.

Let’s face it, the New Jersey dating scene is full of men you shouldn’t date. Unfortunately, too many of them know how to hide themselves with a mask. But to help you uncover their true colors before you get wrapped up in a heartbreak waiting to happen, our matchmakers here at the best Moorestown dating service will show you the top three worst single men in NJ to date. Stay clear of these men at all costs to avoid a future heartache.

Read below to find out who those three men are so you can avoid them at all costs and save yourself the dating despair.

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1. The Egotistical Maniac

When you first started dating this guy you thought it was cute that he spent hours upon hours talking about himself. You really liked that he wasn’t hesitant to open up about his past, his future, his family, his likes and dislikes, and his goals. However, it wasn’t long before you figured out that’s all he had to talk about (himself).

You start to realize that every conversation revolves around him and never around you. In fact, you can’t even recall one single time he asked anything about your life. He turns every conversation back to himself. He truly believes the world revolves around him. He might not be aware of it, but you certainly notice it. The only time you can get a word in is if you’re talking about him.

Ladies, the egotistical man is one of the worst types of guys to date because everything will revolve around him. He is a complete egomaniac and has no interest in others. Save yourself the stress and move on.

2. The Rebounder

When you first met this guy you liked how interested he was in you. He wanted to spend 24/7 with you. He asked you questions about your life and shared things about his. He seemed genuine and sincere, so you felt a connection and started sleeping with him. After that, he opened up to you about his past relationship (the one that happened to have just ended a week before he met you).

His past relationship (that he’s clearly not over yet) is the reason he’s rebounding. It’s not long before you realize that he’s spending all his free time with you to keep his mind occupied from the breakup. You also notice that he talks about his ex all the time. Of course, you feel fooled because you thought he was really interested in you. Never in a million years did you think he was using you as a rebound.

3. The Immature One

The immature guy will definitely bring you a laugh. He wants to go out drinking every night of the week, he wants to stay up talking about nothing, and he wants to try new things in the bedroom. He’s fun and reminds you of someone you dated in college. But after a couple of weeks of fun, you’re realizing that’s all he wants to do (have fun). He tells his coworkers about the things you do in private, he makes jokes at your expense, and he doesn’t know he’s being disrespectful. He invites you out on dates but expects you to cover the bill. He never goes out of his way to do anything romantic for you.

You start to realize that he’s completely immature, and then you question yourself on why you ever gave him a chance to begin with. He’s clueless when it comes to knowing what a woman wants. Thank goodness you realized it when you did.

Ladies, the aforementioned three guys should be avoided at all costs. You can’t have a relationship with an egotistical guy, a rebounder, or an immature frat boy.

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