Looking for Love in New Jersey? 13 Signs You’ve Found It!

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The quest to find the ideal man is always on women’s minds. It’s almost impossible to not want to find a soul mate, especially when romantic movies are flooding our TV screens and couples are all over social media posting (and boasting) their love and happiness.

It’s no wonder we’re feeling more alone today than ever before.

When we take a step back and see couples all around us experiencing that “butterflies in the stomach” type of love, we realize how much being single sucks, which causes many people to settle for less than they deserve. It’s becoming so common for women to settle that we forget what it really means to find true love.

Your one true love will have a huge effect on your life, and in more ways than putting a smile on your face when you get out of bed in the morning. Today, our New Jersey matchmakers will show you the telltale signs you’ve found true love.

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1. He’ll Support You

No matter what your goals in life are, or how crazy your craving is at midnight, he’ll support you, even if he doesn’t quite understand it. When you are up all night worrying about a presentation for the next day, he’ll be right by your side. He’ll be support you by making you another cup of coffee or simply rubbing your back as you edit.

2. He Listens to You

When you are venting about how much you hate your boss or how your best friend is cheating on her boyfriend, your man will be there to listen to you. Even though you might not realize it, he is truly listening to you because he knows it means something to you. Your ideal man will never forget the things you say, when you say it, or how you say it.

3. He Creates Things with You

He will never say things like, “You wouldn’t have this if it wasn’t for me” because the two of you helped create it equally. Together, the two of you have worked for the future. He only wants what’s best for you because what’s best for you is also best for him.

4. There Is Trust All Around

You know you’ve found your ideal man when his guys’ nights out are not a big deal for you. When he tells you he is just having a few drinks with the guys, you don’t flip out and think there are other women involved because you know he is always honest with you. Instead, you make good use of time and do your own thing.

5. You Don’t Always Have to Do Something

Not every day has to be filled with activities when you date the right person. With him, even chill days or nights are perfect. Hanging around watching TV, walking around the park, or just enjoying a cup of coffee is fun.

6. He Doesn’t Put You Down

Women don’t always have good days. Women experience bloating, bad hair days, and days when they feel less than attractive. Everyone has those days. If your man never makes you feel bad when you’re experiencing one of them, then he’s a keeper. He will make sure you know you are the most special woman in the room and that his eyes are only meant for you.

7. He Knows How You Like Your Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee is the key to happiness. Whether you like your coffee black or with three sweeteners and a creamer, he knows how to make it just right for you.

8. No Matter Long You Go without Seeing Each Other, Everything Is Okay

Life entails busy schedules, hectic jobs, and family obligations. There will be weeks when you just can’t see each other, but when you do, nothing has changed. The two of you always find a way to be connected with each other, whether it’s via text messages or phone calls.

9. You Miss Him a Lot When He’s Gone

When you are swamped with work and there is no possible way to see each other, you miss him immensely. During the times you miss him, you always find a way to reach out to him, whether it’s through email, chatting, or even Skyping.

10. You Reach Out to Him with All News

When you nail your job interview, lose a family member, or just really want to vent, the first person you reach out to is him. He is the one who helps you through the hard times and is there to cheer you on through the good ones. He has the best advice to give you and always knows the right things to say.

11. You Want to Share New Things with Him

If there is a new restaurant in town, a new movie releasing this week, or a new class you want to enroll in, the first person you think about going with is him. It doesn’t even take a second, you already know you want to go and experience it with him.

12. You’re Open & Honest with Each Other

If that dress doesn’t look so flattering on you or those pants are way too tight around your legs, you know you can count on him to tell the truth, without offending you, of course. You know he tells you because he wants you to be the best version you can be. He tells you who your bad friends are, why you should quit your job and look for a better one, and admits to eating the last sandwich in the fridge—you can always get the truth from him.

13. You Won’t Be the Same without Him

When you finally find the one, you realize that your life will never be the same without him; you realize that everything is better in his company.

Are you looking for love in New Jersey? Do you want to experience all the wondering things mentioned above? If so, don’t wait another day and contact one of our expert matchmakers today so you can finally find the love you’ve been searching for.









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