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Is there anything more exciting and exhilarating than dating a new guy? You’re crushing hardcore over this attractive, totally dreamy, successful, funny, intelligent – oh, you name it, he’s it – guy that you’ve been seeing and think he’s just perfect for you. Whether you’ve been going out for a few weeks or a few months – that’s dependent on your own comfort zones – there comes a time for the first sleepover date.

Yeah, that’s even more exciting than your regular old dinner and movie dates, right? Uh huh, but sleepover dates, although super exciting, can bring on a lot of anxiety for women. What do you wear? What do you pack? How do you act at his house? Yeah, there’s a slew of questions running through your mind.

But don’t let your worries ruin this exciting milestone in your relationship. We’re here to help you get prepared so you can just relax and have a wonderful time. After all, you don’t get a do-over of your first sleepover.


1. PJ Time – Pack Comfy PJs

Ah, perhaps the biggest question of all. Of course, because you want to make sure you’re just as sexy as those characters in the movies, right? Wrong. In most movies, your favorite stars are wearing super sexy lingerie, his perfectly oversized t-shirt or button down, or, well, nothing at all. But that might not be your style. And we totally agree. The most important thing to bring on your first sleepover date is your confidence. And how can you feel confident if you’re not even comfortable?

We’re not going to pinpoint exactly what you should pack for PJs. Only you can decide what’s best suited for you. Are you comfy in long pants and a tank? Perhaps you prefer a nightie? Or, well, maybe you are totally ready to get sexy for him in a smokin’ hot red négligée? Whatever you feel most confident in is exactly what you should pack for this special night.

2. Remind Yourself Why You’re Here to Begin With

So here you are, nervous and excited about spending the night with your guy for the first time. If you’re feeling super nervous, ask yourself why? Better yet, remind yourself why: you truly like this guy.

Whether you’ve expressed your emotions with one another and have had the relationship discussion or this is a compatibility test for the two of you, you don’t have to worry. Well, easier said than done, right?

Take a few deep breaths and calm your nerves by reminding yourself that you really like this guy and want to test the waters and see where things go. After all, you can’t truly know if you’re compatible until you’ve spent more intimate moments with him. You’re having your first sleepover because both of you want to pursue things with one another, which means he’s very interested in you too. That right there should ease your nerves. Pack a few things, relax, and just have a good time.

3. Don’t Do Anything You’re Not Ready to Do

Well, we don’t have to tell you that your first sleepover with a guy isn’t anything like those middle school sleepovers with your best gal pals – music, chips, soda, ice-cream, and even a few prank calls. Nope, it’s completely different now. Now you have a whole lot racing through your mind, with sex at the top of that list.

If you’ve already taken things to that level, then you’re not as worried as those who haven’t entered that territory. However, if you and your guy have not been physically intimate in the bedroom yet, then you’re probably riddled with anxiety. Maybe you’re excited about taking it to the next level, but maybe you’re worried he’ll want to while you’re not yet ready.

Never feel pressured to do anything you’re not ready to do. If this guy really likes you and cares about you, he’s not going to pressure you. He’ll understand and appreciate that you’re strong enough to stand your ground. Bottomline, go with your gut and do whatever you’re comfortable with at this stage of your relationship. Either way, if he’s a good guy, he’ll just enjoy spending quality time with you.

If you’re feeling like a bundle of nerves for your upcoming sleepover date, follow these three sleepover tips from our Jersey matchmakers and ease your nerves a bit. You want to relax, have fun, and make this first sleepover date a success so you can continue to grow your bond and make this new relationship everything he’s ever dreamed of.

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