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You just got back from the most phenomenal date in weeks. You’re glowing with happiness and call all your friends to tell them about it. Afterwards, you lie back in bed and think about the wonderful evening you just had. It seems so perfect—just like the movies. He’s divorced, no children, and has a nice paying job. But hold on, you can’t exactly recall what he said he did for a living. Hmm, come to think of it, did he even mention having a job? You think about it for a second and let it go. You’re tired, so you must be thinking too hard.

You have a second date with him, and it’s just as wonderful as the first. Here you go again, something is starting to bug you. You can’t put your finger on it just yet, but you know something is wrong.

As New Jersey matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the dating industry, we’ve heard it all before. We know that many men are untruthful on first dates, and guess what they lie about most? You got it, how much money they earn. He knows he’s not going to impress you if he comes off as sounding poor, so drums up a few lies about the numbers—just as he fibs about his hobbies and interests a little to make you think more highly of him too.

If you feel like he’s not being truthful about his job and salary, look for the following signs that he’s lying about how much money he makes. After all, how can you start a relationship with someone who is lying to you from the start?

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1. He flashes a lot of money but doesn’t spend it.

He has so much money that he has a bulky wad in his wallet. He likes to flash it as though he were a bigtime celebrity. But pay attention to what he does with it. There are plenty of men out there who cash their paychecks before a date so they can show up with a big wad of money to flash around. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be spending it. After the date is over, they go back to paying their normal bills like the rest of us.

2. He promises you nice things but doesn’t deliver.

Right from the first date, he told you he was head over heels and even mentioned buying you nice things and taking you to this place and that. He’s trying to reel you in with expensive gifts, but you still haven’t seen one of those gifts. It’s all promises. Now, we’re not saying a guy needs to buy your love, because you can’t have a relationship based on money, but why bring it up in the first place?

3. You’ve seen him wear the same clothes.

Pay attention to the clothes he wears when he’s out with you. The average guy will have at least one or two nice pieces of clothing and a pair of nice shoes. However, if he pretends to have money, he’ll probably have a very expensive suit that he’ll most likely wear on each and every date. If your date appears wearing the same clothes you saw him wearing on the first date, then he’s lousy with his wardrobe or lying to you about how much money he makes. If he wears the same over-the-top outfit every time you’re out, this guy’s lying to himself.

4. He has no goals.

As professional matchmakers, we know that one of the most common traits of wealthy people is setting goals. People who want to become wealthy will also start setting goals early on. If you want to find out if your date makes what he really claims, pay attention to the way he talks about the future and his goals. If they are unrealistic goals that involve spending lots of money, then chances are he doesn’t have any money to spend. On the other hand, if his goals are realistic and seem obtainable, then he might be a keeper, even if he hasn’t made a fortune yet.

5. He takes you on free dates.

Don’t get us wrong, as matchmakers, we love free dates. If you don’t know what a free date is, we suggest you give one a shot. However, if your new guy acts like he has money but only takes you on free dates, then you have a problem. If he is saving up for something and is a little bit tight on money, that’s okay, and he should definitely come clean about it. But if he’s lying to you, then you need to stop seeing him right now. You can’t start a new relationship built on lies.

Are you tired of meeting men who aren’t financially secure? Are sick of falling for liars? Do you want to meet someone with the same goals for the future as you? If so, let our New Jersey matchmakers introduce you to successful single men in New Jersey who are trustworthy, reliable, and compatible with you. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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