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Tis the season to be jolly.  Okay, Christmas is just around the corner (not wanting to scare you or anything, but you definitely have to get your shopping done fast).  If you still have some gifts to buy, you better hurry up and get your act together now.

You already knocked off a few people on your list: you covered your mom, your dad, your bestie, and your boyfriend.  Oh, no!  Wait, what?  You didn’t buy your boyfriend a gift yet?  What are you thinking?

Okay, before you have a full-blown panic attack, we want you to relax, take a deep breath, and read on as our New Jersey matchmakers reveal the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend.  We’ll help you handle this!

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1. Portable Speakers

If a sound system for the home is a little out of your price range but you still want to get your music loving boyfriend something special this Christmas, then how about a set of portable speakers?  Portable speakers are very versatile, so he can take them anywhere.  If he works on his car on the weekend, he can take the portable speakers to the garage with him.  Not a car guy?  Even if he goes fishing, he can take them along.  This gift is inexpensive yet very awesome.

2. A Beard Trimmer

It’s 2017—well nearly 2018—and beards are everywhere you look.  We guess they’re the latest trend because you literally cannot go through a crowded supermarket without seeing men with facial hair.  If your boyfriend loves his beard but you think it’s a little bit out of control, then you might want to invest in a good beard trimmer.  Beard trimmers are not too expensive either; in fact, you can probably get a good set under $50.

3. A Bunch of Boxers

Is your boyfriend wearing the same old boxers from when you first met him?  Well, then it’s time to get him some new ones.  If you’ve ever seen the latest Calvin Klein ad on TV, you’ll know why buying him boxers will be the best gift all around.  One, he definitely needs them.  Two, you’ll appreciate them when you see him too.

4. Book a Vacation for Two

It’s been said many times before that couples bond like no other when they travel together, so why not gift him a ticket for two to a destination he’s been dying to go?  You don’t have to wait for your anniversary to come around to go somewhere special.  You can escape the cold Jersey winter and head to an exotic destination together right now during winter.  This is a very romantic, sweet, and caring way to celebrate Christmas together.  This gift will bring you and your boyfriend closer together like nothing else can.

5. A Quality Watch

You really can’t go wrong with a high quality watch for him.  Whether you’re looking to add to his already established collection or just trying to get him to start wearing a watch, a quality timepiece will always be a great Christmas gift for him.

6. A Slim Leather Wallet

Pocket bulk is a thing of the past—not only is it uncomfortable but it’s not flattering either.  The new slim wallets are made for the stylish man, which means you can find him one to go with all his outfits and fits in his pants just right.  Slim wallets are made from premium leather, which means they’ll get nicer with age—an added bonus.

7. A Power Reserve Charger

Who doesn’t complain about the battery life on their iPhone?  Don’t ever let him be with a dead phone battery again.  Get him a power reserve charger for his cell phone so he never has to face that frustration again.  New and improved power reserves are very comfortable and can fit in his pocket.  They also come in many different colors and styles.  Believe us, you can’t go wrong with this simple gift idea.

So what are you waiting for?  The lines at the malls are already swarming with people doing their holiday shopping.  It’s time to get out there and get your Christmas shopping done now.

If you’re single and searching for love in NJ, contact our Jersey matchmakers today and let us do the matching for you.  We’ll introduce you to quality singles who fit your dating criteria and share your relationship expectations.  Never dread another holiday alone—let South Jersey Matchmakers help you find that special someone!

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