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Ladies, true gentlemen do exist.  We work with them on a daily basis, so there’s no excuse for you to date the men you’ve been dating lately.  There are many wonderful single men in New Jersey who would love to settle down in a meaningful relationship with you.  The truth is, you don’t have to settle for anything that comes you way.  In fact, you should never settle in your romantic life because you’re only hurting yourself.  You need to find a true gentleman, and if he’s not a gentleman from the get-go, let go!

As the most exclusive matchmakers in New Jersey, we know that it can be very difficult for many women to tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy, especially at first glance and even in the early stages of dating.  Don’t worry, because that’s what we’re here for.  Let our dating and relationship coaches here at South Jersey Matchmakers show you the telltale signs you’re dating a real man, a gentleman.

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1. He’s Calm & Collected

Okay, you already know from past experiences that immature losers and jerks freak out about everything under the sun.  But when you date a real man, he’s not going to sweat the small stuff, especially when it comes to the relationship.  He will always be calm and collected.  He will obviously disagree with you on certain things, because it’s impossible to see eye-to-eye with someone on everything, but when he disagrees, he’ll do it in a mature way.

He lets small things go because he values the relationship and doesn’t want to harm it.  He understands that sometimes couples don’t get along, and it happens a lot during stressful times.  It is refreshing to be in the company of a man like that, someone who understands that life doesn’t always go as planned but always remains cool, calm, and collected through it all.

2. He’s Not Afraid of the Future

A lot of men are totally terrified of the future and being in a committed relationship.  Many men will act like your boyfriend yet are afraid of what the future brings.  Sometimes they can’t see past the next month, week, or even days.  It’s frustrating to date men like that, so when a man who isn’t afraid of commitment comes along and brings up the future, it’s refreshing and gives you hope that true love does exist, which we know it does.

You have no problems talking about the future—your future together.  You can talk to each other about hopes and dreams, getting married, and even starting a family.  The best part is that he’s eager to have these types of conversations with you.

3. He’s Domestic

A real man knows how to be domestic and does things around the house.  He will totally prepare a nice meal for you, clean the apartment if you live together (or help you clean yours if you don’t), and won’t be afraid to do things around the house that are considered feminine.  He won’t care if his friends laugh at him because he’s cooking or doing dishes.  He does all those things because he loves you and wants to help you out.  Nothing brings him more joy than preparing a home-cooked meal and having it ready for the second you step in from work.

He steps up his game when he knows you don’t feel like doing anything and helps you with the chores around the house.  There is nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

4. He Knows How to Have Fun

Real men know how to have fun, at least most of the time.  When he has a bad day at work, he doesn’t take his anger and frustration out on you.  He still makes an effort to do the things he promised he would do.  He knows how to make anything fun, even if you’re just going to grab groceries at the supermarket or doing something horrible like cleaning your condo (ugh).

He turns everyday things into fun activities for the two of you.  Every day with him is like a magical adventure.  If you feel this way, then hold on to him because he is the one for you.  He will not discourage you from spending your Sundays doing meal prep; in fact, he’ll join you.  Heck, he’ll even make you laugh at the way he cuts the veggies and gets messy in the kitchen.  Sure, sometimes he’ll have an off day, but 99% of the time he’s fun and down-to-earth.

5. He Accepts You Completely

A real man will accept you and everything you are as a woman… Even the bad stuff.  Actually, especially the bad stuff.  He knows there is no one in the world who is perfect and doesn’t expect you to be.  Your flaws are what makes you perfect in his eyes.  He’s come to love your flaws so much that he doesn’t even see them as flaws.  He sees them as fun quirks that make you unique.

This is the type of man you want to date.  It is hard to find a man who accepts you for who you are, so if you landed a man like this, pat yourself on the back because you’re lucky.  Your friends and coworkers are going to be completely jealous of you, and you won’t even know why.

It is really awesome when you finally realize your boyfriend is a keeper, especially after dating so many losers, jerks, and players.  We hope your guy is a true gentleman who treats you with respect.  If he doesn’t, you need to continue looking for the man who will treat you like a princess.  He’s out there, we know he is, so let us help you find him!

If you need help finding your Mr. Right, contact the most exclusive matchmakers in New Jersey for the jumpstart your love life needs.  Simply fill out the form at the top of this page to request your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with South Jersey Matchmakers today!

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