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As professional matchmakers with 30 years in the New Jersey dating industry, we know the anxiety of first dates – not just beforehand and while on the date, but also afterwards. There are so many questions racing through your head – the most important one being how the date went overall.

And so here you are, reading this blog and wondering this question yourself. You went on a date with an attractive, intelligent, and successful man. You think everything was just great and hope he feels the same way. He was friendly, gave you a nice compliment when you arrived, and even made you laugh all night. You’re totally digging him. But what did he think of you? Did he think you were pretty? Did you intrigue him? Did he feel a connection with you?

Ugh, you thought so, you really did. But here you, the minutes and hours of not hearing from him have you a wreck. Fret not, he might not want to come off as too eager by texting you on his way home. To ease your nerves in the meantime, ask yourself a few questions to gauge his interest in you.

Believe it or not, you can probably figure it out on your own whether or not he was into you too. Get ready as our South Jersey Matchmakers reveal the telltale signs you aced your first date with him.

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1. He looked into your eyes.

If someone is interested in you they will undoubtedly look into your eyes. You know the feeling… When you like someone, well, you just can’t stop yourself from looking at them.

So think back for a moment: did he look into your eyes and maintain good eye contact while you were talking? If so, that’s an awesome sign. However, if he couldn’t focus on you and was distracted by everyone else in the room all night, that’s not a good for you. If he was interested in you, then he would be paying close attention to you.

2. He leaned in throughout the night.

Did you ever notice that when someone is really into the conversation they will lean in? Even as you look around the work cafeteria at lunch, you can tell who has really juicy conversation going on because everyone will be engaged and leaning in to hear.

Did your date lean in during your date? Did he get closer and show you that he was really interested in what you had to say? When you were standing, did he stand closer to you?

3. He tried to make a good impression.

Just like the boys in the school yard would try to impress you, if a man likes you, he’ll do the same. Whether he highlighted his career achievements, his shiny sportscar, his beach house, his passion for fitness, or his love for volunteering every other weekend, this guy did what he could to impress you. He wanted you to see him in a good light for a good reason, because he was into you too.

4. You were both laughing.

Laughing is one of the best ways of connecting with someone. If you were both able to laugh and have a good time, that’s a great sign that things were going well. Even if you thought he was laughing because he was nervous, take his nervousness as a good sign he liked you. Either way, as matchmakers, we know a laughter-filled time is always a good date.

5. He hinted at the end of the date.

This is one of the more obvious signs he had a good time and wants to see you again. What happened when the date was over? Did he reach for your hand? Hug you? Maybe even go in for a sweet and innocent goodnight kiss? Did he hint around at the end of the date that he would like to see you again? Were you just too nervous and miss his cues? If he liked you and hinted around about getting together for a second date, then you’re good to go. But even if he didn’t, he could have been nervous or trying to play it cool so he didn’t come off as overeager.

If you were really into him and want to go on a second date, think back to your date and see if you noticed any of these signs of a great date. If you do, then chances are you’ll hear from him soon. And in that case, a big congrats to you for acing your first date.

If you’re single and searching for love in New Jersey, contact our matchmakers and let us introduce you to Cherry Hill singles who are relationship-ready and compatible with you. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: when our matchmakers send you out on a date, you won’t have any of this waiting in wonderment to deal with. Why? Because we give post-date feedback. That’s right, we get the scoop straight from you date and deliver it to you! You’ll know exactly what your date thought of you.

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