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It finally happened for you (so you think). You met some wonderful guy who works really well with you. In fact, you’re even thinking about dating him. But you have this nagging feeling that he’s not really the one for you. Maybe it’s just that the two of you don’t seem to click well together – at least not as well as other couples do. Maybe it’s something even more tangible, like just a feeling you have when the two of you spend time together. Our Cherry Hill matchmakers are here to help you figure out where you stand with this guy. We know how frustrating and confusing this type of situation can be for many women.

If you’ve been feeling like there’s something wrong or something is making you feel like something isn’t just quite right in the relationship, perhaps you’ve been ignoring the signs that he is actually not the one for you.

Today, our Cherry Hill matchmakers are going to show you the top five warning signs he’s not the one for you. It’s time to kiss this frog goodbye!

1. He isn’t thoughtful.

Being thoughtful works both ways. Both people in the relationship need to make certain they are being thoughtful towards the other person. If you find you are always the one doing the listening and taking care of everything, he is likely taking you for granted.

If your guy finds a way to turn what you say into something that has to do with him, he isn’t really being thoughtful. This type of behavior is a learned trait that isn’t so easy to forget. You deserve a guy who is thoughtful of you.

2. He doesn’t go out on dates.

If you’ve ever been stood up – or worse yet, ghosted – then you know what it feels like to make time for someone who didn’t care to do the same for you. Dating each other – even after you’ve been together – is essential for a relationship. It’s important you always make time on your busy schedule to spend with one another.

If your guys never takes you out on dates or even makes romantic plans with you, it can be hard to understand what he’s doing in a relationship. Planning romantic date nights shouldn’t always fall on you. The right guy will have no problem planning romantic date nights for the two of you. If your guy can’t commit or put efforts into planning special things with you, then you need to walk away.

3. He isn’t generous.

Generosity can be a huge factor in determining if you are with the right guy or not. Keep in mind, though, that generosity doesn’t just involve gifts. A person can be selfish in other parts of life.

Nobody wants to date a stingy guy. Why would you want to get stuck with a guy who is selfish? You want to date a guy who wants to see you happy. Even if he just grabs your favorite candy bar on his way home from work, that shows he was thinking about you. Does your guy do anything thoughtful and generous like this for you?

4. He has feelings for someone else.

If you are with someone who’s totally into another girl, then you are with the wrong guy. You can’t give your heart to someone who can’t give their heart to you alone.

There are many gray areas with feelings. Maybe you can’t be with the one your heart really desires, so to numb the pain you find someone else to keep you busy for now. This is not enough. You deserve much more and should never settle for that.

5. He doesn’t show you any affection in public.

If your guy doesn’t show you any affection in public, it could be because he’s not into PDAs. But it could also be that he wants to portray himself as single to everyone else around. If he does everything he can to keep his distance from you in public, it’s time you take the blinders off. This guy is keeping his options open.

So tell us, how does this new guy measure up? Is he just wasting your time?

Are you tired of meeting guys who aren’t worthy of a relationship? If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single men in New Jersey, contact our Cherry Hill matchmakers today and let us help you find true love.

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