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We’re sure that you have probably heard it many times before: if you get a chance to marry your best friend, do it.  Why?  Because you’ll be a match made in heaven.

As professional matchmakers, we know this is 100% true, as it is has been proven time and time again.  Couples that are best friends go the distance and overcome anything together.  But what makes your boyfriend your best friend?  Is it because you’ve known them since you were a kid?  Should you have gone out with him when you were in high school?  Should you have been born at the same time with parents who were all best friends?  No, none of these apply.  There are a lot of qualities that make him your best friend and boyfriend at the same time.

You should find him attractive, he should be nice, treat you right, have a job, make you laugh, and bring joy into your life.  Today, our Cherry Hill matchmakers are going to show you the signs you found your soul mate.

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1. He Makes You Laugh

It’s no surprise that one of the most sought after qualities women search for in a man is humor.  It’s practically a given and for many reasons.  One, no one wants to date a boring man.  Two, they say laughter makes life better.  Three, the more you laugh, the happier you will be.  But it goes a little bit further than that.  Not only does he know how to have a good time and crack jokes, but he knows what makes you laugh and uses it when you need it the most.

When you’re having a bad day, your boyfriend will pick you up with jokes.  Even when that’s the last thing you want to do, he’ll do his best to make you happy when you are down and out.

2. You Can Talk to Him About Anything

Communication is perhaps the most important aspect in a relationship.  And it’s safe to say that you must be able to talk to him about anything.  While there might be a few things you would rather save for your girlfriends, but for the most part you can open up to him about anything.  You can talk about anything and everything with your boyfriend because he gets it.  Women always complain that their boyfriends are bad listeners, but you can’t relate to them because yours is all ears.

You can talk about office gossip, drama with friends, family issues, or just about happening in your life.  Even if it’s utterly ridiculous, he doesn’t judge the words coming out of your mouth.  He literally wants to be involved in your life and hear everything that is happening, even if it’s female gossip that would send most men running for the hills.

3. You Know What Each of You Are Thinking

We know that women can be mind readers sometimes, but it goes a little bit further than that with him.  Really, it’s like you share a wavelength or something of that nature.  Some of his looks and facial expressions are familiar, and you definitely know what he’s thinking without him having to say a word.  You know what each other’s facial expressions mean and what each look signifies.

You giggle when he gives you that one look when you’re out and about, you know he’s angry just by the way he carries himself, you know he’s under stress by the way he gets quiet.  You know each other’s expressions and come to one another’s rescue when needed.  He knows when he should stop bugging you because you’re stressed out from work.  For the most part, you always know what the other is thinking.

4. He Can Read You Like Your Best Friends Can

While we’re on the subject of mindreading, your boyfriend takes it up another notch, almost to the point he can finish your sentences.  It’s like when you and your best friend from college shared secrets and were so close that you knew everything about each other.  You learned how to read body language and facial expressions, when to pry and when to walk away.  Well, your boyfriend has learned the same with you.

He knows when you’re having a bad day at work and comes and cheers you up.  He knows when you want to have fun by the way you’re dressed.  He knows when you give him that one look that you want the last slice of pizza or when you want him to run out and grab ice-cream for you late at night.  He knows when you’re about to break down and cry and is there by your side.  He knows to leave you alone when you want time to yourself.  He can always read your mind and mood and acts accordingly.

5. He Knows What You Need & When You Need It

Everyone experiences a roller coaster of emotions from time to time, especially women.  You can be happy one moment and sad the next.  You have awesome days and mediocre ones.  Your boyfriend knows how to act for each of those scenarios; in fact, he has become a professional.  He knows when to do the dishes because you’re wrapped up in a work project.  He knows when a romantic night is in order because you haven’t had one in a while.  He knows when to let you control the remote.  And he doesn’t push you to talk about something you don’t want to talk about.  It’s safe to say that your boyfriend knows you better than anyone.  He also happens to be your best friend.

So tell us, do you think you found your soul mate?  Is your boyfriend your best friend, too?  Please, tell us how many of these five signs you see in your man and if you were lucky enough to find your soul mate.

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