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As you already know, breakups hurt.  But sometimes the aftermath can be even more confusing and emotionally draining.  It’s completely normal to do questionable things after a breakup; after all, you’re feeling lost, hurt, and less confident than usual.  But in order to help you navigate the difficult waters of the breakup world, our Camden matchmakers have rounded up the worst thing you can do after a split.  Of course, we want you to avoid these things so you can heal and move on fast.

Think of us as your best friend helping you through difficult times and preventing you from doing something you’ll later regret.  So get ready, as we reveal the worst things to do after a breakup.  These behaviors will only prolong the healing and the pain.

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1. Go Through Old Pictures & Belongings

After being in a relationship with someone for a long time, you’re bound to acquire a collection of things.  And once you break up, going through those belongings can hurt.  Maybe you’re getting ready in the morning and discover a ticket stub from the first concert you went to together or you sit down at work only to see their picture on your desk.  Unexpected run-ins with memories of your relationship is going to cause you a lot grief, and going through all their belongings can cause you unnecessary sadness.  We understand that it’s hard to let go of them, but you need to if you want to heal.

When your relationship is done and over, it’s time to take down the pictures, gather all their belongings, and put them all away.  It’s a mature move that will help you move on and get closure.  This way, you won’t find unexpected reminders of them throughout the day.

2. Start a Fight

Maybe the breakup is official, and it’s completely over now, but you still have a lot on your mind and haven’t gotten to say everything to them yet.  Maybe your coworker is irritating the life out of you, or maybe you’re sitting in rush hour traffic ready to explode, but whatever you do, do not contact your ex and start a fight.  It’s not worth your time and energy and will only make you feel angrier inside.

You don’t need another fight right now.  What you need is a healthy outlet for your emotions.  Feeling frustrated and angry after a breakup is normal, but you need to find a healthy way to release this frustration instead of getting into a match with your ex.  Instead of having words with your ex, why not write down all of your feelings in a journal, talk to a friend, or sweat it out at the gym?

3. Neglect Work

When you’re going through a difficult breakup, it can be hard to focus on anything.  Even when you’re sitting in your office, your mind will wander and start thinking back to your ex.  Getting up early every day to go to work is tough when you’re going through a breakup because all you want to do is stay in bed and call in sick.

Finding the motivation to go to work every day is tough, but you need to find the strength to do it.  Your life isn’t put on hold because of your breakup, and it shouldn’t be.  You owe it to yourself to keep giving it your all.  Don’t let your work life suffer from your breakup.  Staying busy will also help you keep your mind off your ex.

4. Turn to Comfort Food

Everyone has seen the classic post-breakup routine: call your best friends, party, and down a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s to drown your sorrows.  Our Camden matchmakers know it’s very tempting to turn to comfort foods when you’re feeling down and out.  Treating yourself to temporary relief is okay; after all, there is nothing a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s can’t cure, right?  However, you can’t do this every day.  You simply can’t turn to junk food and expect to feel good.

Even though eating ice-cream, cake, doughnuts, and cookies will feel great in the moment, a bad diet will hurt you in the end.  You will start putting on the pounds, which will only add to your frustrations.  Let’s face it, you can’t survive on unhealthy food.  We encourage you to find positive ways to feel good during this difficult time.  There is nothing a good workout can’t fix; plus, exercise will have you feeling more confident in no time.  So healthy meals and regular exercise is the route to go during a breakup.

5. Visit Places You Used to Go Together

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, you create a lot of memories together.  There is the favorite restaurant you went to every weekend, there is that special place you had your first kiss, there is that park where you first held hands, and there’s that rooftop where you watched the stars together—the places you used to go together are endless.  If you live in a small town, it can be hard to avoid the places you used to frequent together, but revisiting those places is a bad move for you.  Why?  Because it will trigger too many emotions.  Do your best to avoid the spots the two of you used to frequent together and start creating memories of your own.

6. Try to Be Best Friends Right Away

When you break up with someone, you don’t just feel like you lost a partner; you feel like you lost your best friend, too.  They were someone you could confide in, someone who always had your back, someone who understood you, someone who supported you, someone who knew all your secrets and everything else about you.  Because you had such a strong connection with them, you can’t see yourself living without them.  You might start to wonder if you can be friends with them again.  And, of course, a friendship with them is possible, just not right away.

Lots of people have managed to stay friends with their exes, but doing it while your heart is still healing is not going to work.  You need time and space to heal from the breakup before you can be friends again.  Try giving yourself a little breathing room and let your heart heal before you go the friendship route.

These are the top six things you want to avoid after a painful breakup.  These hard to resist behaviors will only prolong the pain and prevent you from healing properly.

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