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Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world; after all, life revolves around love.  Nothing can compare to what falling in love feels like.  It’s like the best drug in the world.  You open yourself up to a new person, you spend your days and nights with them, you have someone to lean on, someone to hold your hand.  You gain a partner to share your pain and fears with.  You have someone who can love you unconditionally and stand by your side through thick and thin.

But if you have had your heart broken in the past, then you might be afraid to fall in love again.  As the leading matchmakers in New Jersey, we know how difficult it is to move on after getting your heart stomped.  So are you afraid to fall in love again?

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Are You Afraid to Fall in Love?

Today, our professional matchmakers will show you what it’s like to be afraid to fall in love, along with the reasons you can’t let go of the past and open your heart again.

1. You have not fixed the past.

If you are afraid of falling in love, chances are it’s because you’re afraid of making the same mistakes you made in the past.  You might be afraid of giving your heart to a new person, only to have them betray you or cheat on you.

If this happened to you in the past, chances are you’re still scarred from it.  The past clearly haunts you and is preventing you from moving on.  You’re afraid of reentering the dating world and opening your heart back up.  You’re afraid someone new is going to do the same thing your ex did, so you would rather stay away from dating and falling in love altogether.

2. You’re afraid to trust someone again.

In any relationship in life, trust is one of the most important elements.  It plays a huge role.  Trust is something that can take years to build but can be destroyed in just a matter of seconds, which is especially true in romantic relationships.   You might have trusted someone in the past, only to have them betray you.  You are clearly scarred from your previous relationship because the trust was broken.  Because you were betrayed, you are now afraid to fall in love again.

3. You feel trapped when you date someone.

Another thing that could have you scared of falling love is the fear of being trapped in a relationship.  Love entails a big commitment, and this is something that could have you scared about dating.  You know that being in a relationship means giving your all to them.  A relationship requires a lot of energy and efforts, which might be something you’re not willing to give right now.

You might feel like you’ll miss your single days because being in a relationship means not being single.  You see a relationship as a way of losing yourself and your independence.  You think it’s going to change your lifestyle, which relationships certainly do.  Are you afraid of getting involved with someone simply because you think you’re going to miss your single days?

4. You like dating but not getting personal.

You certainly enjoy all the benefits of dating someone.  You enjoy the beginning stages of the relationship and spending time together.  You love talking to them and doing fun things together.  However, what you don’t like is getting too personal.  You don’t like to be questioned about your whereabouts, you don’t like to give your partner a play by play of your day.  You don’t like to see your partner’s quirks and don’t want them to see all of yours.  You feel like being introduced to their friends is a huge step that you’re not ready for.  In other words, you enjoy dating but don’t like getting too close or personal.

5. You like the attention, but that’s all you like.

Another sign you might be afraid of falling in love is if you like the attention you receive, but it ends there.  You would rather go home alone than have to sit down and talk like normal couples do every night.  You don’t like taking it past the dating stage.  You certainly enjoy the perks of seeing someone, like going out and having fun, but you are afraid of taking it to the next level and having them encroach on your life.

6. You’re afraid a relationship will take up too much of your time.

You enjoy dating this person and seeing them on the weekends.  However, you know that when the relationship gets serious you’re going to have to see them more than just Friday nights.  Now they are demanding to see you more and you don’t want to give them your time.  They ask you to accompany them to work parties, family get togethers, friend’s gatherings, weddings, etc., but you see it as them encroaching on your free time.  You feel like they’re disrupting your routines, the ones you’ve taken so long to establish, and this makes you feel uncomfortable.  You’re afraid to spend too much time together because that would mean it’s serious.

7. You have created a barrier.

You might not be aware, but after so many years of being afraid of falling in love, you have created a barrier.  This barrier prohibits people from getting close to you.  You created a barrier so no one could hurt you.  When you date someone, you use this barrier to keep them from getting close to you.  You are very wary of your personal space and don’t like it when people invade it.

As humans, we all want to be loved; however, due to life circumstances and bad relationships, people are afraid of falling in love once they’ve been hurt.  We get it, you’ve had your heart broken in your past.  But as the leading matchmakers in New Jersey, we know you need to learn to trust so you can love again.

If you are ready to open your heart again, let our professional matchmakers introduce you to quality singles who will love you unconditionally.  As the leading matchmakers in New Jersey, we’re confident we can guide you on the path to real love and help you find the loving partner you deserve.

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