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Acing a first date is crucial, but you’re not coming down the home stretch just yet. The second date is just as important as the first. If you want to be successful, our matchmaking experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers have some helpful tips to help you ace your second date.

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1. Reveal More about Yourself

In order to be successful on your second date, the first thing you must do is reveal a little more about yourself. Suppose on the first date you told him about your hobbies, family, friends, and daily things, so now this time around, you need to tell him more about those things.

Let him know why you like that hobby, who your friends and family are, and what exactly you do when you volunteer at the animal shelter. But, while sharing things with him, always leave something for the next date so you keep him wanting more and more. On the second date, you also want to avoid discussing your ex, family or health problems, and most importantly, never disclose anything that will freak him out or make him not want to see you again.

2. Dress in an Attractive Way

A very important second date tip you must remember is to dress in an attractive way. This time, you want to dress a little bit differently than you did on your first date. If you wore nice pants and a loose fitting blouse on the first date, try wearing something different, like a pencil skirt with a sleeveless top or a classy cocktail dress. Show him you a glimpse of how beautiful you are.

Style your hair differently and apply different makeup than you did on the first date. Wear high heels if you wore flats on your first date, or wear your hair down if you previous had it pulled back. In short, you need to give him a different look than you did last time.

3. Repeat Things to Show Him You Did Not Forget

Another very important second date tip our elite New Jersey matchmakers want you to remember is to show him that you did not forget what he said. Mention things he talked about, his likes and dislikes, and everything else he mentioned on the first date.

For example, if he is a vegan, and you suggest he order the prime rib on the second date, then you’ll surely lose some brownie points with him because you did not pay attention to what he said on the first date. On the same note, your second date questions should not be the same as they were on the last date.

You need to handle the situation in a tactical way and recall things he told you before. Though you should not recite every single little word he told you, you can reiterate the gist of it. The more you show interest in him, the more attracted he will be to you.

4. Ask Him More Questions

The questions you ask on your second date should already be prepared. For example, you don’t want to ask him what he does in his spare time since you already asked him that the first time around. Now, you want to ask him more important questions such as how he perceives certain things and his points of view in life. Don’t get involved in aggressive questions; rather make it appear cool and calm. But at the same time, try to get more information about him so you can get to know him on a deeper level. By doing so, you’ll be able to judge if the two of you are compatible for the long term.

5. Get Close to Him but Don’t Become Clingy

A very genuine piece of second date advice you want to remember is not to go beyond the limit. This means get close but not so close you become clingy. The last thing you want to do is suffocate him with your presence. Showing over attachment too soon will freak any man out. The best thing you can do is move in at a slower pace. If he seems interested to meet your friends, you can talk about it with him, but we do not recommend you push it on him yourself. If he wants to invite you to a social event, accept the invitation but never smother him by inviting yourself.

6. Show Him Who You Really Are

Another thing women must remember on the second date is never to pretend to be someone they’re not. Normally, on first dates you will try to be more decent and more polite and expose less of who you are. However, on a second date, it’s very important to show him who you really are. Remain kind and polite while exposing a little more of the real you.

Now is the time to bring out your humorous and playful side. Don’t be nervous anymore; after all, you are on a second date. Show him that you’re a confident and strong woman who isn’t afraid to have fun. To put it in simple words, show him a little more of who you truly are to see if he really likes you.

7. Don’t Expect Too Much

Another crucial piece of advice is to limit your expectations. Even though he might have appeared loving, caring, and funny during the first date, he might be different on the second date. Remember not to have too high of expectations; after all, it’s only a second date. Hope for the best, but if things don’t turn out the way you had hoped, don’t get down because of it. Remember, it’s not the end of the world and there are plenty more great men out there.

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